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a dorky guy says:

❝I don't wanna be cool, so that makes me cool. That's what I do, you see. I try not to be cool, and not to be funny and that makes you funny and cool❞ - 2006,

yea, probably

i'm crying

bc of this ALEX BAND GUY while i'm listening:

I also have enough tears for: mkane, arzE, jwhite, jcasablancas, gee way, osykes, nfielding (or any british man)☼


hey friend:

I hope you have a happy day! ☺ If it's not today, don't worry, tomorrow will be. Just hang in there. You’ll be okay ♥♡♥♡♥ Everything will be okay. I swear xx
*sleeping in a futuristic canoe*
(♑) 22. Andreina. Vzla. #PGstudent

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The Big Issue - 20 October 2014

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hOLD THE FUCK UP spy kids two is supposed to be a light hearted film for the whole family not make me have an existential crisis

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Say you’re happy now, once more with feeling.

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Heathers (1988)

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